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Timothy Floyd

Articles and Book Chapters

A Virtue Ethics Approach to Teaching Professional Identity: Lessons for the First Year and Beyond, 89 UMKC L. Rev. 645 (2021) (with Patrick Longan and Daisy Hurst Floyd).

Law School and Professional Identity Formation, Ga. Bar J., Dec. 2019, at 62 (with Patrick Longan and Daisy Hurst Floyd).

Marking the Path from Law Student to Lawyer: Using Field Placement Courses to Facilitate the Deliberate Exploration of Professional Identity and Purpose, 68 Mercer L. Rev. 767 (2017) (with Kendall L. Kerew).

Monroe Freedman: Prophet of Biblical Justice, 44 Hofstra L. Rev. 1087 (2016).

Book Chapter, “Professional Identity Formation,” in Learning from Practice: A Professional Development Text for Externs, 3d edition (with Daisy Floyd) (Scherr, et al, editors) (2016).

The Relationship between Christian Theology and Legal Ethics in the Thought of Jack Sammons, 66 Mercer L. Rev. 313 (2015).

Thirty Years of Jack Sammons: An Appreciation, 66 Mercer L. Rev. 265 (2015).

Learning from Clergy Education: Externships Through the Lens of Formation, 19 Clinical L. Rev. 83 (2012) (with Daisy Hurst Floyd and Sarah Gerwig-Moore).

Steven’s Choice: Counseling the Guilty Client, 10 Ohio State Journal of Criminal Law 203 (2012).

The Lawyer Meets the Therapist, the Minister, and the Psychiatrist, 63 Mercer L. Rev. 959 (2012).

Beyond Chalk and Talk: The Law Classroom of the Future, 38 Ohio N.U.L. Rev. 257 (2012) (with Oren R. Griffin and Karen J. Sneddon).

Book Chapter:  “Peace With Justice: Ending The Death Penalty,” in A New Evangelical Manifesto: A Kingdom Vision for the Common Good, David Gushee, ed. (Chalice Press, 2012).

Book Chapter, “Thoughts on Vocation,” in Character, Practical Wisdom, and Professional Formation Across the Disciplines, forthcoming in Mercer University Press (part of the Phronesis Project)

Reflections on Justice, Mercy, and the Death Penalty, The Mercer Lawyer (Spring 2013, p. 22)

Moral Vision, Moral Courage, and the Formation of the Lawyer’s Professional Identity,  28 Mississippi College Law Review 339 (2009)

Book Chapter, “Walking Through the Valley,” in A Life in the Law: Advice for Young Lawyers, William Duffey, Jr., and Richard A. Schneider, editors (ABA Press 2009)

Legal Ethics, Narrative, and Professional Identity: The Story of David Spaulding, 59 Mercer L. Rev. 941 (2008) (Part of Symposium on “The Opportunity for Legal Education”)

Book Chapter, “Listening to Clients,” in The Affective Assistance of Counsel: Practicing Law as a Healing Profession, Marjorie Silver, ed. (Carolina Academic Press 2007)

Lawyers and Prophetic Justice, 58 Mercer L. Rev. 513 (2007)

“Texas, it's time to get in step on capital punishment: State needs to recognize the flaws in its death penalty system.” Op-Ed Column, Dallas Morning News, August 22, 2007.

A Law Professor’s Inside Take on Bush’s Commutation Policy,” Wall Street Journal Online, Law Blog, July 5, 2007

“What’s Going On?” Christian Ethics and the Modern American Death Penalty, 32 Tex. Tech Law Review 931 (2001)

Panel Discussion: Does Professionalism Leave Room for Religious Commitment? 26 Fordham Urb. L.J. 875 (1999)

Literature for Lawyers and Judges (Review Essay) , 29 Tex. Tech L. Rev. 967 (1998)

The Practice of Law as a Vocation or Calling, 66 Fordham Law Review 1405 (1998)

Legal Education and the Vision Thing, 31 Ga. L. Rev. 853 (1997)

We Never Promised You a Rose Garden, 38 S. Tex. L. Rev. 1255 (1996)

Faculty Editor, Special Symposium Issue on Faith and the Law, Volume 27, Issue 3 of the Texas Tech Law Review (1996)

The Role of Religious Convictions in the Teaching of Law Students, (with Thomas E. Baker) 17 J. Leg. Prof. 77 (1993).

Religious Convictions and Professional Education, (with Thomas E. Baker) 1 Professional Ethics: A Multi-Disciplinary Journal 195 (1993).

Fifth Circuit Survey: Criminal Procedure, 23 Tex. Tech L. Rev. 205 (1992). 

Realism, Responsibility, and the Good Lawyer: Niebuhrian Perspectives on Legal Ethics, 67 Notre Dame L. Rev. 587 (1992).

Fifth Circuit Survey: Criminal Procedure, 22 Tex. Tech L. Rev. 493 (1991).

"How You Can Get In Trouble and What Happens When You Do", and “Your Role as In-House Counsel” in A Guide to the Basics of Law Practice (W. Frank Newton, ed.) (Annual editions 2000, 1999,1998, 1997, 1996, 1995, 1994)

“Lawyer Disciplinary Procedures”, in The Ethics Course (Beryl Crowley, ed.) (annual editions 1998, 1997, 1996, 1995)

“American Death,” Vistas: Texas Tech Research (Summer 2001, Vol. 9, No. 2, p. 21)

Reviewer for manuscripts submitted for publication to the Journal of Law and Religion (refereed journal published by Hamline University)(3 manuscripts since 1999)

“How Bad Must a Defense Lawyer Be for a Federal Court to Reverse in a Capital Case?” ABA Preview of United States Supreme Court Cases, at 47 (September 13, 1999)

“Can a Simple Denial of Wrongdoing Subject the Speaker to Federal Criminal Liability?” ABA Preview of United States Supreme Court Cases, at 163 (November 21, 1997)

“Proving a Guilty Mind," ABA Preview of United States Supreme Court Cases, at 12 (September 18, 1997)

“The Constitution is the Province of the Court,” The Texas Lawyer (July 14, 1997, at p. 24)

“To Err is Human; To Reverse, Another Story: In a Perjury Prosecution, Is a Convicted Defendant Entitled to Automatic Reversal When the Judge, Not the Jury, Decides That the Perjury Was Material?” ABA Preview of Supreme Court Cases, at 307 (February 6, 1997)

“Lies and Material Lies: In a Prosecution for Making False Statements to Influence a Federally Insured Bank, Must the Statements Be Material As Well As False?”  ABA Preview of Supreme Court Cases, at 83 (October 15, 1996)

"The Prosecution's Burden of Proof Versus the Defense of Voluntary Intoxication," ABA Preview of United States Supreme Court Cases, at 268 (March 7, 1996)

"Determining the Materiality of a False Statement," ABA Preview of United States Supreme Court Cases, at 327 (April 7, 1995)

"Is A Federal Court a Federal Department?" ABA Preview of United States Supreme Court Cases, at 223 (February 10, 1995)

"Did Prosecutorial Misconduct Lead to the Conviction of the Wrong Person?" ABA Preview of United States Supreme Court Cases, at 61 (October 21, 1994)

"A Crisis in Death Penalty Representation," ABA Preview of United States Supreme Court Cases, at 232 (March 18, 1994)

“Are private citizens who initiate the use of an unconstitutional statute entitled to qualified immunity?” ABA Preview of United States Supreme Court Cases, at 210 (February 21, 1992)

"The New Texas Rules of Disciplinary Procedure", in An Introduction and Invitation to Professionalism (1991).

Ethics and Professional Responsibility (Texas), (with W. Frank Newton) 41 Southwestern Legal Foundation Institute on Oil and Gas Law and Taxation 3 (1990).

Recent Decision, Lalli v. Lalli, 13 Ga. L. Rev. 1049 (1979) (student work).

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