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Daisy Hurst Floyd


Book Chapters

“Professional Identity Formation,” in Learning from Practice: A Professional Development Text for Externs, 3d edition (with Timothy Floyd) (Scherr, et al, editors) (2016)

The Authentic Lawyer: Merging the Professional and the Personal, in Essential Traits of the Professional Lawyer (American Bar Association 2013)

Diligence, in Essential Traits of the Professional Lawyer (American Bar Association 2013) (with Paul A. Haskins)


A Virtue Ethics Approach to Teaching Professional Identity: Lessons for the First Year and Beyond, 89 UMKC L. Rev. 645 (2021) (with Patrick Longan and Timothy Floyd).

Law School and Professional Identity Formation, Ga. Bar J., Dec. 2019, at 62 (with Patrick Longan and Timothy Floyd).

Practical Wisdom: Reimagining Legal Education, 10 U.St. Thomas L.J. 195 (2012)

Learning From Clergy Education: Externships Through the Lens of Formation, 19 Clinical L. Rev. 83 (2012) (with Timothy W. Floyd and Sarah Gerwig-Moore)

Pedagogy and Purpose: Teaching for Practical Wisdom, 63 Mercer L. Rev. 943 (2012)

Preface, Character, Practical Wisdom, and Professional Formation Across the Disciplines (Mercer University Press)

Foreword, Empirical Professional Ethics, Symposium of the University of St. Thomas Law Journal, 8 University of St. Thomas Law J. 101 (Winter 2011)

We Can Do More, 60 J. of Legal Ed. 129 (2010)

Work featured in William M. Sullivan and Matthew S. Rosin, A New Agenda for Higher Education: Shaping a Life of the Mind for Practice (Jossey-Bass 2008)

A Journey of Identity and Purpose, 59 Mercer L. Rev. 859 (2008) (remarks published in Symposium: The Opportunity for Legal Education).

Lost Opportunity: Legal Education and the Development of Professional Identity, in Symposium: A Century Later: Answering Roscoe Pound’s Call for Change in the Administration of Justice, 30 Hamline L. Rev. 555 (2007)

A Matter of Identity, The Complete Lawyer, Fall 2007

The Development of Professional Identity in Law Students, posted at

Reclaiming Purpose: Our Students’ and Our Own, The Law Teacher, Spring 2003

Fifth Circuit Survey: Evidence, 32 Tex. Tech L. Rev. 801 (2001)

Chapter on Evidence, in Texas Practice Guide: Civil Trial (West Group 1999) (with Judge Lamar McCorkle)

Is an Attorney’s Ability to Communicate With and Advise His Client During the Client’s Grand Jury Appearance an Essential Aspect of the Attorney’s Right to Practice Law? 5 ABA Preview 283 (February 12, 1999)

What is the Proper Remedy for a District Court’s Failure to Advise a Defendant of the Right to Appeal a Sentence? 4 ABA Preview 184 (December 31, 1998)

‘A Delicate and Difficult Task': Balancing the Competing Interests of Federal Rule of Evidence 612, the Work Product Doctrine, and the Attorney-Client Privilege, 44 Buffalo L. Rev. 101 (1996)

Being in Police Custody: A Question of Fact or Law? 1 ABA Preview 32 (Sept. 20, 1995)

Candor versus Advocacy:  Courts' Use of Sanctions to Enforce the Duty of Candor Toward the Tribunal, 29 Ga. L. Rev. 1035 (1995)

Can the Judge Do That?--The Need for A Clearer Judicial Role in Settlement, 26 Ariz. St. L.J.45 (1994), reprinted in 43 Def. L.J. 673 (1994)

A Functional Approach to Writing for Trial Court Judges (with Donald L. Rubin, Ph.D.) 11 The Journal of Teaching Writing 187 (1993)

County Judges' Bench Manual  (co-editor with Professor Alison G. Myhra) (the Bench manual is used by Constitutional County Judges throughout Texas and is revised and updated by students under faculty supervision)

Fifth Circuit Survey: Civil Procedure, 24 Tex. Tech L. Rev. 483 (1993)

Fifth Circuit Survey: Civil Procedure, 23 Tex. Tech L. Rev. 141 (1992)

Manual for the Judicial Writing Workshop for Trial Judges (with Donald Rubin, Ph.D.), developed under a grant from the State Judicial Institute, the Institute of Continuing Judicial Education of Georgia, and the Colorado Judicial Department

Computer-Assisted Legal Instruction Program in Legal Citation Form (with Bertis Downs and Cathleen Wharton), distributed by the Center for Computer-Assisted Legal Instruction

Recent Decision, 13 Ga. L. Rev. 1069 (1979) (student work)

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