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Research Resources: State Surveys

Research databases subscribed to by the library; links to other helpful research resources

50 State Surveys (Statutes and Regulations)

Bloomberg Law


Lexis + - Tools & Resources

Westlaw Precision

Pro Tip: In both Lexis and Westlaw you can just start typing 50 state survey in the search box and select the suggested source from the drop-down list.

Free Sites

50 State Surveys (Case Annotations)

  • American Law Reports (ALR) - Look at the Table of Cases at the beginning of the article to see cases from the different states.
  • Restatements of the Law - For various restatements (torts, contracts, etc.), contains case summaries from the 50 states
  • Uniform Laws Annotated (Westlaw) - For uniform laws, such as the UCC, Uniform Partnership Act, etc., has case annotations for many states.

50 States Bill Tracking

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