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James Hunt

Published Refereed Journal Articles

Creating North Carolina Populism, 1900-1960, Part I: The Progressive Era Project, 1900-1930, 97 N.C. Hist. Rev. 168 (2020).

Creating North Carolina Populism, 1900-1960, Part II: The Progressive Era Legacy, 1930-1960, 97 N.C. Hist. Rev. 305 (2020).

The Constitution, Desegregation, and Public Opinion: Swann v. Charlotte-Mecklenburg Board of Education, 37 N.C. Cent. L. Rev.129 (2015).

 Legal Truth and Consequences for a Failed ERP Implementation, 13 J. Cases Info. Tech. 37 (2011) (with Walter W. Austin and Linda L. Brennan).

“Guaranty Trust: Morgan’s Broadway Baby,” Financial History, 90 (Spring 2008), 32-35.

Who Pays for Progress?: Accident Law in Florida, 1845-1886, 82 Fla. Hist. Q. 129 (2003).

“Thinking Like a Lawyer?: Two Southern Law School Exams from the 1870s,” Journal of Southern Legal History, 11 (2003), 107-114.

Brown v. Board of Education After Fifty Years: Context and Synopsis, 52 Mercer L. Rev. 549 (2001).

Law, Business, and Politics: Liability for Accidents in Georgia, 1846-1880, 84 Ga. Hist. Q. 254 (2000).

“’Ensuring the Incalculable Benefits of Railroads’: The Origins of Liability for Negligence in Georgia,” University of Southern California Interdisciplinary Law Journal, 7 (Fall 1998), 375-425.

Populism, Law, and the Corporation: The 1897 Kansas Supreme Court, 66 Agric. Hist. 28 (1992).

Law and Society in a New South Community: Durham County, North Carolina, 1898-1899, 68 N.C. Hist. Rev. 427 (1991).

"Private Law and Public Policy: Negligence Law and Political Change in Nineteenth Century North Carolina," North Carolina Law Review, 66 (January 1988), 421-444.

"A Survey of Southern History," [with John M. Dederer] Southern Historian, 8 (Spring 1987), 82-92.James L. Hunt, "The Making of a Populist: Marion Butler, 1863-1895," North Carolina Historical Review, LXII (January 1985), 53-77; (April 1985), 179-202; (July 1985), 317-343

Published Invited Articles & Publications of Edited Materials

“The Law Library of James W. Bryan, 1848,” Juridicus, 5 (October 2001), 31-32.

“Dissent on the North Carolina Supreme Court[, 1819-1951], Juridicus, 2 (January 1997), 31-34.

“The North Carolina Supreme Court and the Motor Vehicle, 1908-1913,” Juridicus, 1 (November 1994), 15-17.

Forms 9-306-20 (Complaint for Declaratory Judgment); 9-306-21 (Complaint Seeking to Attach Insurance Proceeds); 9-306-22 (Counterclaim for Action for Insurance Proceeds); 9-306-23 (Motion to Intervene as Defendant); 9-306-24 (Petition for Removal to Federal Court), in Peter J. Bestos, 4B-9 Modern UCC Litigation Forms(Newark, New Jersey: Matthew Bender, 2015 ed.).

 “The Populist Party and American Politics,” Retrieving the American Past Series, Pearson Custom Publishing and The Ohio State University Department of History (Pearson, 2006).

 “An Oral History with The Honorable J.P. Coleman, Former Governor of Mississippi and Chief Judge, The United States Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit,” Journal of Southern Legal History, 11 (2003), 116-229.

 “An Interview with Judge Naomi Elizabeth Morris (1921-1986),” Juridicus, 5 (October 2001), 1-20.

“Portions of the Diary of David Schenck, 1866-1869,” Juridicus, 5 (October 2001), 23-30.

 “An Interview with I. Beverly Lake, Sr. (1906-1996),” Juridicus, 4 (December 1999), 13-24.

 "An Early Document in North Carolina’s Legal History: The Appointment of the General Court, 1725,” Juridicus, 4 (December 1999), 25-27.James L. Hunt, “Reflections from Governor Dan Moore,” Juridicus, 3 (June 1998), 9-16.

“Judge W.H.S. Burgwyn,” Juridicus, 3 (June 1998), 17-21.

 “A Conversation with Chief Justice Bobbitt,” Juridicus, 2 (January 1997), 14-28.

“Judge Benjamin Long’s Instructions to a Halifax County Jury[, 1905],” Juridicus, 2 (January 1997), 9-14.

 “An Interview with Justice Ervin: The Court Years,” Juridicus, 1 (September 1995), 13-20.James L. Hunt, “Letters from William Horn Battle, 1840-1851,” Juridicus, 1 (November 1994), 7-10.

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