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David Hricik

Books and Book Chapters

  • GEORGIA LAW OF TORTS (Thomson Reuters 2019-2020 ed.) (with Charles R. Adams III).
  • PROPERTY: CASES, DOCUMENTS, AND LAWYERING STRATEGIES (Lexis/Nexis 2004) (2nd ed. 2008; 3rd ed. 2013) (co-author).
    • TEACHERS MANUAL FOR PROPERTY: CASES,DOCUMENTS, AND LAWYERING STRATEGIES (Lexis/Nexis 2004) (2nd ed. 2008; 3rd ed. 2013) (co-author).
    • SUPPLEMENTS FOR PROPERTY: CASES,DOCUMENTS, AND LAWYERING STRATEGIES (co-author) (Lexis/Nexis 2005, 2006, 2007, 2009).
  • ETHICAL ISSUES IN PATENT LITIGATION (Oxford University Press 2010) (Lexis/Nexis 2nd ed. 2014; 3rd ed. 2015; 4th ed. 2017; 5th ed. forthcoming 2020).
  • ETHICAL ISSUES IN PATENT PROSECUTION (Oxford University Press 2009) (co-author) (Lexis/Nexis 2nd ed. 2013; 3rd ed. 2014; 4th ed. 2016; 5th ed. forthcoming 2020).
  • MASTERING CIVIL PROCEDURE (Carolina Academic Press 2008) (2nd ed. 2011; 3rd ed. 2017).
  • MODERN STATUTORY INTERPRETATION: PROBLEMS,THEORIES, AND LAWYERING STRATEGIES (Carolina Academic Press 2006); (2nd ed. 2009) (co-author).
    • TEACHERS MANUAL FOR MODERN STATUTORY INTERPRETATION (Carolina Academic Press 2006; 2nd ed. 2009) (co-author).


  • The Ethics of Client Development Using Technology and the Internet, in THE LAWYER’S GUIDE TO MARKETING ON THE INTERNET (ABA 4th ed. 2016).
  • Combining Prosecution with Other Forms of Representation, in DRAFTING PATENTS FOR LITIGATION AND LICENSING (ABA/BNA 2008) (updated 2009, 2010, 2011) (2nd ed. 2012) (updated 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017)(3rd ed. 2018).
  • The American Legal System, in ARGUMENT AND PERSUASION:WRITING IN THE DISCIPLINES (University of Florida 2003).
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