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Mark Jones


Law Review Publications

  • It’s Alright, Ma, It’s Life and Life Only: Are Colleges and Universities Legally Obligated during the Coronavirus Pandemic to Exempt High-Risk Faculty from In-Person Teaching Requirements?, 48 Pepp. L. Rev. 649 (2021) (with Professors Gary J. Simson, Cathren K. Page, and Suzianne D. Painter-Thorne).
  • Developing Virtue and Practical Wisdom in the Legal Profession and Beyond, 68 Mercer L. Rev. 833 (2017).
  • Fisherman Jack: Living in "Juropolis"- The Fishing Village of the Law, 66 Mercer L. Rev. 485 (2015).
  • O Brave New World: Where Angels Fear to Trade, 65 Mercer L. Rev. 599 (2014).
  • Introducing A Surprising Conversation About Conversation, 63 Mercer L. Rev. 793 (2012).
  • “Fundamental Dimensions of Law and Legal Education: Perspectives on Curriculum Reform, Mercer Law School’s Woodruff Curriculum and . . . . ‘Perspectives’”, 63 Mercer Law Review 975-1055 (2012).
  • “Fundamental Dimensions of Law and Legal Education: An Historical Framework—A History of U.S. Legal Education Phase I (From the Founding of the Republic until the 1860s).” 39 John Marshall Law Review 1041-1203 (Summer 2006).
  • “Fundamental Dimensions of Law and Legal Education: A Theoretical Framework,” 26 Oklahoma City University Law Review 547- 630 (2001).
  • "Putting '1992' in Perspective," 9 Northwestern Journal of International Law and Business 463-79 (1989), contribution to Symposium issue on "1992: Doing Business in the European Internal Market."
  • "The GATT-MTN System and the European Community as International Frameworks for the Regulation of Economic Activity: The Removal of Barriers to Trade in Government Procurement," 8 Maryland Journal of International Law and Trade 53-121 (1984). Reprinted in Yearbook of Procurement Articles, Vol. 22, at 67-137 (Federal Publications, Inc.,1985).
  • "The Legal Nature of the European Community: A Jurisprudential Analysis using H.L.A. Hart's Model of Law and a Legal System," 17 Cornell International Law Journal 1-59 (1984).
  • The Non-Contractual Liability of the E.E.C. and the Availability of an Alternative Remedy in the National Courts," Legal Issues of European Integration 1-47 (1981). 5 "Current Developments in European Agency Law," 12 International Lawyer, 671-75 (1978), co-author with Werner Vanderhaeghe.

Other Articles and Comments

  • “Perspectives On (and In) Legal Education,” Mercer Lawyer 24-25 (Fall 2012).
  • "European Council Meeting in Maastricht, December 9-10, 1991, and The Treaty on European Union," 53 International Practitioner's Notebook [hereafter IPN] 1-5 (May 1992).
  • "European Council Meeting in Luxembourg, June 28-29, 1991," 51 and 52 (double issue) IPN, 12-14 (March 1992).
  • "European Community Developments: European Council Meetings in Rome, October 27-28 and December 14-15, 1990, 49 and 50 (double issue) IPN, 20-24 (June 1991).
  • "European Council Meeting in Dublin, June 25-26, 1990," 47 IPN, 2-3 (July 1990).
  • "European Council Meeting in Dublin, April 28, 1990," 45 IPN, 1-5 (May 1990). "European Council Meeting in Strasbourg, December 8-9, 1989," 44 IPN, 2-3 (December 1989).
  • "Selected Developments in East-West International Relations: A Chronology," 44 IPN, 3-4 (December 1989). "Selected General Developments in the European Community," 43 IPN, 1-11 (July 1989).
  • "Towards Economic and Monetary Union in the European Community," 43 IPN, 22-28 (July 1989).
  • "1992: The European Community's Internal Market Program," 42 IPN, 1-7 (April 1989). Abridged, revised and updated version of "Putting '1992' in Perspective" (see under D above).

Periodical Editing

  • "International Practitioner's Notebook," published by the American Branch of the International Law Association: editor of special issue (October 1995) containing collection of edited transcripts and papers developed from presentations at the American Branch Annual Meeting in New York, October 27-29, 1994. Co-editor of “International Practitioner’s Notebook,” when it was a quarterly publication of the American Branch of the International Law Association (1988-92).

Articles in Progress

  • "Fundamental Dimensions of Law and Legal Education" (continuing series of several articles on the history of U.S. legal education and the need to remedy current deficiencies in the law school curriculum in the areas of legal history, jurisprudence and comparative law, as well as in the area of transnational legal studies). Manuscripts currently being developed for the fourth and fifth articles in the series: --“The Transnational Dimensions of Law”; --“A History of Legal Education Phase II: From the 1870s Until the 1920s.”
  • “Beyond ‘Punks’ in Empty Chairs: An Imaginary Conversation with Clint Eastwood’s Dirty Harry – Toward Peace Through ‘Spiritual Justice.’” 
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